Littlehampton Shopmobility volunteers

June Caffyn, manager at Littlehampton Shopmobility would like to take this opportunity during Volunteers’ Week 2018 to thank all of their volunteers:

“At present we have just five volunteers but they are all wonderful!

Volunteer Angie has been here longer than myself, over 9 years now, and she comes in Monday mornings and Friday mornings. Angie had a major stroke many years ago at a young age and volunteering has really helped her (she has told me so) as she has more confidence and is always on the go! She does the shop/reception and she counts the money and makes sure it all balances, she uses the Day Sheet, she sends the reminders to the customers when their membership is due for renewal and many other duties, including always helping at Fundraising stalls.

Volunteer Adee is Angie’s sibling and he comes in Monday mornings and does anything from workshop to banking the takings.

Philippe, another nice volunteer does workshop every Tuesday from 10am to 4pm, he checks over the hired scooters and wheelchairs, he does a Pit stop valeting service and minor repairs for customers and he helps with any computer problems too.

Marilyn has been here about 7 years and comes in Wednesday mornings and does the inputting, sales returns and anything to do with Excel!

Marjorie comes in Thursday afternoons and helps our General Assistant Teresa with the shop work and is amazing with the customers!

They are all amazing and hard workers and I am grateful for all they do to help our charity – a big thank you to all!”