Confide Counselling

How many times have we wanted to talk to someone about problems, concerns about relationships, or the big changes affecting our lives (e.g. bereavement, divorce, isolation). Often we don’t want to burden those closest to us, or address how their behaviour is impacting upon us. We get messages that we should be strong and solve problems by ourselves. At these times Counselling can help.

CONFIDE is a small charity working in Chichester and Bognor Regis, registered with the BACP and supported by local churches and donations.  They offer open-ended counselling that is available for as long as you may need it and they have been used by GPs, as a follow on from their time-limited services. Their volunteer Counsellors are trained to be respectful, not judging of a person’s difficulties, able to listen at many levels and offering time and space in which reflection and change can take place. Counsellors may offer information but do not give advice, helping you to make your own choices. You will take part in actively examining your situation, learning the ways this may need to change, or how to bear what cannot be changed. This can be deeply rewarding.

Here is what their clients say:

‘I’d like to say that counselling has made a difference to every aspect of my life – family, work, the way I feel about myself.’

‘Counselling has had a big effect on a daily basis. My friends and family have commented on how different I am now.’

To explore this more, give them a ring or come for an initial appointment. They ask only that you pay what you can afford. Those on low incomes can access bursaries which top up payments and cover our costs.

Check out information on the website at