Fit Body Fit Mind CIC

Fit Body Fit Mind CIC is a health and wellbeing community interest company based in Littlehampton West Sussex, dedicated to the promotion and provision of diet and nutrition, exercise and sport as well as health focused activities designed to encourage and enable the successful recovery from issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism/Drug Addiction, Isolation etc. They utilise a development  strategy in which they asked local residents and users of statutory services (including local mental health and addiction specialists) to ensure that all their services are accessible and available to every member fo the local community and tailored to their needs.

Fit Body Fit Mind CIC aims for just that, specialising in areas such as: Life and Addiction Recovery Coaching, personal training, mental and physical fitness, recreational exercise and activities, diet and nutritional advice, sport specific training and they place the building of Recovery Capital high amongst their priorities.

They endeavour to make diet and Exercise available to any individuals and/or groups with particular needs or problems free of charge and exclusive where and when appropriate to do so. This may include the closing of facilities to the general community whilst in use by minority groups or personal one to one Training/Coaching.

A social enterprise within the company provides training and voluntary opportunities with the hope to providing part-time employment through a cascade learning system, the enterprise will be a Smoothie/shake bar serving healthy and nutritious  drinks to the whole community as well as to the gum clientele.

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