Healthy Child Programme

The Healthy Child Programme (HCP) 0-19 is a Public Health programme focussing on improving the health of children, young people and families, starting before birth and continuing throughout early years and school life. Public Health aims to prevent health problems, and provide help early.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) holds the budget for the HCP (0-19); the total budget for 2015/16 is currently around £131.5 million.

WSCC is leading a service design of the HCP. They hope to use the new design process to link up services from 0-19 so that there is a more effective overall service and that children and young people’s health needs are well met. 

They are engaging directly with children and young people, parents and carers and people working with them. They have also developed a number of surveys.

Survey for workforce
Survey for parents and carers of 0-4 year olds
Survey for parents and carers of 5-19 year olds
Survey for children and young people

Closing date for surveys is 7th March 2016