Mapping your organisation’s data use research: Request to share

Kerry Dowding is a postgraduate researcher interested in how evaluative data requested by the funders is gathered by community and voluntary sector organisations. Kerry is looking for 3-5 organisations in the Sussex area to take part. 

Taking part in the research will provide your organisation with:

  • A space for individual staff members to reflect upon their own thoughts and contributions to the process
  • Visual maps of how evaluation travels through your organisation, for use in policy work or funder negotiations
  • A facilitated group space for reflection and consideration of future actions

Participation will take no more than a total of three hours per staff member, and could provide some useful development time for individuals in your organisation with responsibility for data and information.

If you would like more information about the study, or are interested in taking part, please contact the researcher on the details below and include the name of your organisation, its size and its main organisation aims.

Please respond by Tuesday 22nd March in order to be considered. This study is supported by MEI partnership.

Name: Kerry Dowding


University Address: School of Applied Social Science, Room 246, Mayfield House, University of Brighton, Falmer, BN1 9PH