Sussex Police Student Officer Community Placements

In 2006, Sussex Police developed criteria for the Student Officer Community Placements programme. This programme was designed to send Student Officers to organisations that could offer learning in relation to parts of the community that new officers may not have come into contact with before. Such examples are of needle exchange schemes, school exclusion units, mental health units, disability groups, faith-based organisations, soup kitchens, LGBT community support groups, housing groups working on troubled estates and BME community projects etc). The aim was to expand student officers’ horizons and get them to understand that their own perspective on the world is not the only one that is valid and that their future actions as police officers must be informed by the needs of others in the community. This is not work experience, but a chance for officers to shadow an individual in an organisation to gain important insights on community issues.

To date, hundreds of officers have had the privilege of attending the organisations that have ‘signed up’ to our scheme and the feedback and overall benefit have proved immeasurable. The placements are four days long and as a new intake of officers are commencing their training at the end of November 2015, the start date for their placements will be Monday 15th February 2016.

If you are interested in joining this mutually worthwhile and rewarding scheme, please contact Jane Carter, Trainer, Foundation Training Department at Sussex Police on