Sussex Learning Solutions

Opportunities for you to work with them to support training in your organisation.

Sussex Learning Solutions are a West Sussex based company, supporting learning and development in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

They currently have four programmes which might be of interest to voluntary and community organisations:

Employability Skills
They can deliver accredited level 1 or level 2 training courses, involving 12 hours of taught content. This is for unemployed adults in groups of 8 – 12 people. This training is free if you can provide the people to attend it.

Perhaps you have a group of volunteers who are volunteering to gain skills to get into work. There may be skills that can help them into employment but will also help them undertake their volunteering role with your organisation?

Pre work entry
For those below level 1. Do you work with Adults with Learning Difficulties, could they benefits with some training to help them become ready to volunteer or to progress into the employability training courses? Training courses can be tailored to a particular organisation need. Topics delivered elsewhere have included personal hygiene and food hygiene.

Again the training is free if you have a group of people ready to attend it.

Community Funding
This doesn’t have to be accredited learning but has to have wider learning outcomes such as socialising and community engagement and it might encourage learners into more formal education. A small charge needs to be made for this training but this could be as low as £1 – £2 per session. This could be ideal for training volunteers in your organisation.

Community Champions

This training is a 6 hour course looking to train volunteers in your organisation. Topics include, legal aspects of volunteers, your organisation and what you do and a skills audit on what volunteers want to get out of their volunteering role. This can be tailored to be specific to your organisation.

For more information contact – Sussex Learning Solutions 01903 204931

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