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Giving voluntary and community organisations in Arun and Chichester Districts the tools they need to succeed.



Jennifer Rowley – Development Advisor
Lucie Maldoom – Development Advisor (Volunteering)
Nina Ghibaldan – Development Advisor (Fundraising)
Sharon Westcott – Office and Communication Manager

Our team has a wealth of experience in supporting voluntary and community groups in Arun and Chichester to grow and thrive.

  • Support to help your group grow
  • Information and guidance on good practice
  • Organisational Health Checks
  • Help with governance matters
  • Model policies and procedures
  • Opportunities to work with others
  • Funding searches and advice
  • Guidance on employment issues
  • Publicity templates
  • Training
  • Loan of equipment
  • Help to start up a new initiative or understand the market place

Available to view on this page;

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Referral Form
  • Organisation Health Check
  • Resources
  • NAVCA Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Information becomes out of date, including links quite frequently,  which is why we prefer not to have too much available on our website. Here at VAAC we find that without talking to a group first we do not really know what their question is. A lot of organisations come thinking they want one thing but that is only because they do not know what else is available. So please get in contact.

If your organisation works in Arun or Chichester Districts or if you have an idea for an organisation to benefit residents of Arun or Chichester Districts and would like some help and support then please contact us. We ask you to complete a simple referral form which you can access below. This will allow us to allocate your referral to the appropriate team members.

 VAAC Team Referral Form available to access here 

Most of our services are free of charge – see our leaflet for more information

VAAC Leaflet September 2016 available to view here


 An MOT for your OrganisationDT 1

Did you know we can come and do an organisational health check, where we have a look at your governance, financial systems, fundraising and policies and procedures and make recommendations to help strengthen your organisation?

We can also come and take a look at what policies and procedures you have and make suggestions if you have any gaps?

Take a look at the following health check click here

We can also come and do a volunteering health check and look at the procedures and systems you have in place to support volunteers and make recommendations to help you recruit and retain them. 

If you have answered NO to any of the questions then the Development Team would be happy to help you. You can request a visit, chat or funding search by completing our simple referral form. Please see above.

You can also attend VAAC Networking events, there are six a year, three of which will have a volunteering theme.

Make contact with the development team, Jenny, Nina or Lucie by;
Phone: 01243 840305

We look at all the new referrals and allocate them to the team member with the appropriate skills to help you.



What we can do for you! Our FREE services to voluntary organisations…….click here

In addition to our free support we offer facilities and a range of expert services tailored to your needs and budget.

Available for use are;

Display boards
Projector and screen
Photocopier – small cost
Grant application forms
Organisation Support Library
Model Policies and Procedures – VAAC has policies and procedures available, which our Development Team can help you adapt and adopt for your organisation covering;

  • Caring for staff
  • Equal Opportunities
  • HR
  • Organisational
  • Employee Starter Pack

Please complete and return the simple referral form below or contact Kate, Jenny, Steve or Nina by;

Phone: 01243 840305

VAAC Development Team Referral Form click here


NAVCA Essentials

As a member of NAVCA Essentials we would like to tell you about suppliers that may help your organisation to save money on your essential services (Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy and HR Support). These suppliers have all been selected by NAVCA because of their charity-centric approach and commitment to quality.

When signing up for these services please use our Essentials code, which is VAAC14

 NAVCA Essentials click here

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