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  • ‘Employer Supported volunteering’ is a proposal that’s likely to become Govt. policy. Public bodies and large companies will make a ‘three day volunteering entitlement’ available to all employees. In his blog, NCVO’s Justin Davis Smith says it has the “potential to bring about a sea-change in employer-supported volunteering and inject much n…[Read more]

  • Question – How long is the delivery period? Is it 2 years or 3. Can you clarify?

    Answer – Timescales are stated on each project outline, so for example, with project 1 (NEETs) the start period can run anytime from March 2016 to December 2019. Please refer to each Project Outline and see the latest date for completion.

  • Question – if the lead organisation is co-ordinating partners rather than direct delivery then there is no management fee applicable as we are working on an actual costs basis; this means that the grant-holder will need to provide evidence of eligible costs incurred. See page 4 of the “summary of our partnership agreements” document for more infor…[Read more]

  • Can a Local Authority be a lead partner but not be involved in the delivery (for example co-ordinate the activity of a group of voluntary organisations)?

    Answer – Yes, see the Big Lottery Fund Partnership Requirements guide for the Building Better Opportunities Programme – page 3. This can be found on the partnership page of our website or on…[Read more]

  • You will have seen that the primary outputs for Objective 7 are about getting people back into work, setting the Education & Training output at 1 is indicative that it is secondary to the main thrust of the objective an is clearly a minimum. These were agreed by the Big Lottery and Coast to Capital and we were not party to the rationale

  • We believe that all partners should be identified within the project proposal which would preclude reallocation of funding to further partners, however it would be worth contacting the Big Lottery direct to confirm this

  • 2. Some of the projects have very small output results for example under project 7 of 10 the minimum requirement is that only 1 person enters further education and training. Is this a typo or is there a rationale behind how the outcomes numbers were picked.

  • 1. Croydon BC – In terms of procurement we are eligible to submit applications with partners that have been selected because of strategic fit. If these partners must then allocate funding / delegate project activities to preferred providers does this breach EU procurement rules?

  • Can organisations be party to more than one bid?

    Yes there is no maximum number in respect of this funding and organisations can be in receipt of other Lottery funding

  • Are there any concrete examples of what a partnership might look like or how it might work?

    It might be through outreaching into a community venue which is in touch with the appropriate target group. The Building Better Opportunities summary of Partnership requirements offers useful guidance (see resource page for direct link), it also details…[Read more]

  • Further information from 4th June 2015
    It is not a ‘requirement’ that all bids should involve partnerships, there can be lone agency bids, but the Big Lottery is encouraging organisations to consider partnering with smaller groups who may be best placed to reach the target group.

  • Further update from 4th June 2015
    There will be 8 – 10 calls (now confirmed as 10) across the themes. Bids can cover ‘patches’ within the C2C area or be C2C wide and there will be around £500k for each call.

    Projects are likely to be issue / theme not geographically based and if the project calls are similar, they may be delivered pan Local…[Read more]

  • Further update from 4th June 2015
    The timescale will be 2 months for Stage 1 bid preparation (deadline 3rd August 2015)
    2 months for the assessment process
    2 months for those who are successful to work up Stage 2 proposals
    Final decision for the end of January 2016
    Anticipated project start end March / April 2016

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