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New! Volunteering Factsheets

As part of VAAC’s ongoing commitment to support Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) and Volunteer Managers, we are pleased to launch our “NEW” Volunteering Factsheets. Each factsheet covers a different topic and provides a range of useful information, sample templates and links to additional information and websites. The factsheets are designed to encourage best practice and help and support organisations to develop successful volunteer programmes and topics include:

  1. Before you start (download now)
  2. What paperwork do I need to recruit volunteers? (download now)
  3. Writing a volunteer policy
  4. Volunteers and legal issues
  5. Volunteer recruitment
  6. Volunter induction
  7. Volunteer support and supervision
  8. Volunteer handbook
  9. Creating volunteer role and descriptions

Factsheet 1 and 2 can be downloaded from here with the full range of topics available on request. For more information or to request a specific factsheet contact 01243 840305 or email 


Volunteer Healthcheck – If you would like to check that you have the right policies and procedures in place to recruit, manage, retain and train your volunteers, please sign up for a FREE Volunteer Healthcheck.

Email your contact details to Lucie at


Department for Work and Pensions Community Work Placements – VAAC has released a statement about Mandatory Work Activity in voluntary or community organisations. Read the statement here…

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