Skill Share West Sussex

Bite-size volunteering for professionals

Would you like to give something back to your community but without a long-term commitment? Do you have some time, a skill or even an empty desk you could share with a charity or community group?

We have the answer! The Skill Share West Sussex website brings together businesses, organisations and individuals to share skills and create positive experiences.

So whether it’s helping out with supporting a fundraising campaign, advising on a communications strategy, designing a website or getting mucky in a community garden, just one day can make a big difference.

  • Get free access to local short-term (1 – 10 days) volunteering opportunities
  • Search for opportunities that match your professional skills
  • Make an offer of a skill, some time, or some equipment you would like to share
  • Support your local community

Organisations can register their short-term volunteering opportunities on the site, while businesses and individuals can search for suitable opportunities or make an offer of something they would like to share.

For all the details, or to register on the site, click below…

Skillshare website

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