St Wilfrid’s Hospice say Thank You to their volunteers

“The volunteers at St Wilfrid’s are the essence of the Hospice, we simply couldn’t provide our care and support to the community without our fantastic team of volunteers.  Our volunteers help the staff in the hospice, charity shops, as well as out in the community in local fundraising supporter groups.   We would like to say a big THANK YOU to them all for all their hard work, support and the time they give.”

St Wilfrid’s Hospice On-Line Selling Operation Volunteer Sue Wyatt – by Claire Walters Sue Wyatt - St Wilfrid's Hospice volunteer

St Wilfrid’s runs a very successful on-line selling operation, selling donated books on Amazon and eBay, and selected donated items on eBay.

If an item is considered to be of particular value or interest it will be listed on eBay, as this enables us to reach a wider market and obtain market value. Sue and I work together on eBay and since we started just over 2 years ago we have seen a huge increase in sales and revenue. Initially Sue volunteered 2 days a week – she is a fairly busy lady as she also volunteers at the Hospice itself as well as at St Richards!

As we have got busier and busier so has Sue, often coming in 5 days a week as well as checking all is well from home. I really would not be able to manage without her, she’s wonderful and great fun to work with as well. I know she really enjoys the role and finds it very rewarding – we are making a considerable donation to Hospice revenue.

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