West Sussex CsVS


There are currently seven Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) covering West Sussex. Voluntary Action Adur, Voluntary Action Worthing, Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester, Crawley Council of Community Service, Horsham & Area CVS, Mid Sussex South CVS and East Grinstead CVS.

Each CVS works with voluntary and community groups and local communities, reflecting the local context and needs of each district and maximising local resources. There are also cross-boundary and countywide initiatives managed by us and we are active in a number of local and countywide partnerships alongside and on behalf of voluntary and community organisations.

The core functions of a CVS include:

  1. Strategic partnership development, enablement and support of voluntary and community organisations
  2. Development support services, capacity building, advice and training for voluntary and community groups.
  3. Identification of unmet need in the community and support for and the development of services which can meet it
  4. Provide and disseminate regular information and networking opportunities to the vcs and act as a channel of communication within and between the sector and the public (statutory) sector.
  5. Representation, enabling representation and facilitating structures for representation to support the full participation of the vcs in policy and agenda setting as well as delivery.

Each CVS manages the Volunteer Centre in each district which promotes volunteering to the public and recruits volunteers for many voluntary groups and other organisations.
Each CVS has a membership made up of voluntary and community organisations and individuals and each one has an elected Board of Trustees who are knowledgeable about the voluntary and community sector. These Trustees also work together as a group. CVS’ are providing links, information, strength and collaborative support to give the voluntary and community sector a voice and a role in shaping policies, priorities and plans affecting the community..


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