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A clinical commissioning group is a new NHS organisation that brings together local GPs and experienced health professionals to take on commissioning responsibilities for local health services.

As commissioners of local health services, a CCG is responsible for planning the right services to meet the needs of local people, buying local health services including community health care and hospital services, and checking that the services are delivering the best possible care and treatment for those who need them.

A CCG has to work within a local budget from the NHS for local health services and work closely with other NHS colleagues and local authorities to ensure local people are receiving the best possible care.

What does a CCG do?

CCGs are responsible for commissioning (planning, buying and monitoring):

  • the care and treatment you may need in hospital and community health services, including district nurses, physiotherapy and other therapies,
  • the medicines you may be prescribed,
  • mental health services,
  • and support and services for people living with learning disabilities.

Importantly they are not responsible for primary care, which includes your GP practice, dentists and opticians – these areas are now commissioned by new area teams of NHS England.

Our region is covered by the Surrey and Sussex Area Team. You can find out more about the Area Team on NHS England’s website.


July 2016

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