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The West Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board has had a number of informal workshops outside of the formal board meetings to explore their focus and priorities for the coming period. They have confirmed the following three themes: Wellbeing and Resilience; Early Years (conception to 2); Workforce.
There will be papers to the 5th February board on these areas including how the HWB feels it can add value.
Any comments to Diane Henderson There will be one more workshop on wellbeing and resilience before the 5th so please watch out for the papers.


The presentation given on Early Years at the November meeting is now available to view. Read more…

Please find attached the presentation from the last Health and Wellbeing Board
WS HWB Presentation

The informal HWB before the public meeting discussed the Better Care Fund (although there is no formal update on this yet, and NHS England have not signed off plans), Integrated Care, the emerging JSNA issues and feedback, and the priorities for the next iteration of the Strategy, and there are now several workshop sessions being set up on 3 key themes  – Early Years, Workforce, Wellbeing & Resilience. The aim is to bring together the work on these in January and then to the February Board for approval. You will be kept up to date on these as soon as more info is available.

September 2014

Many thanks for those of you who attended and had input into the 8th September event. Attached are the notes arising from the meeting.

Health & Wellbeing Board Stakeholder Event notes

These have fed into a summary document of JSNA evidence and the outputs from the 3rd June stakeholder meeting, the document which can be viewed here
The refreshed strategy will then be presented to the Board for agreement at its 5th February 2015 meeting

July 2014

WSCC Health and Wellbeing Report

June 2014

WS HWB End Of Year Report 2013 14

September 2013

WS HW Board reps report 19 9 13 26 9 13

June 2013
Please find attached notes from 2 meetings – a Health and Wellbeing Board meeting and a Local Government Review of Health and Wellbeing work in West Sussex (the West Sussex Health Peer Challenge)
WS HW Board reps report 6 6 13 and 19 6 13
The next Board meeting is on 19th September 2013.

January 2013
Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board Meeting, Thursday 31st January 2013, 2.15pm at County Hall North, Horsham in the Cowdray and Goodwood Rooms.
WS HW Board reps report 31 1 13

Below are the latest reports from Kent, Surrey & Sussex Academic Health Science Network
KSS AHSN MD letter Week 50 2012 doc
KSS AHSN one page brief 11 Dec 2012

Agenda 15th June 2011
Action list WS HWB 21 09 11
Agenda item no. 3 – Frail and Elderly Briefing Note
HWB Position Statement – Children
HWB Position Statement – Frail Elderly
Action list WS HWB 21 09 11
HWB statement – October 2011
HWB Agenda 2 February 2012
Action List – 02.02.12
HWB WORK PLAN 2012 – 2013
Public Engagement for HWB – Draft briefing note on top tips

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