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Frequently Asked Questions - Income Generation

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Which methods should we use to monitor and evaluate what we do?

Measuring impact is an important part of demonstrating that your work is making a difference. There are several ways to do this.

A simple format is to ‘PLAN, DO, ASSESS, REVIEW’.

Monitoring methods include:

  • Qualitative data: descriptive, most often used for experiences, feelings, impressions or reactions. This could be presented as a case study
  • Quantitative data: numerical, answering questions like how many?, how much? or how often?

Primary Data involves: interviews, questionnaires and surveys, focus groups, group discussion, observation, social media

Secondary Data involves: Government statistics, research papers

Assessment of this information will show the extent of the impact

What are the options I should consider when I want to fundraise?

There are several ways that you can fundraise including:-

  • Applications to Trusts and Foundations
  • Community Fundraising e.g. events, raffles, street collections
  • Trading
  • Online platforms for crowd funding such as Spacehive
  • Donations
  • Legacies
  • Corporate
  • Membership
  • Gifts in Kind – anything if you had to pay for it would have had a cost i.e. training, meeting rooms items donated, volunteer hours – for information contact the Development Team.

Each of these have specific methods and procedures that will give you the best chance in raising money. If you have a particular project in mind, call us at VAAC on 01243 840305 and we will be happy to help you locate funding opportunities. See also FAQ re a Fundraising Strategy.

Can we apply for funding if we are a Community Interest Company?

The majority of your income should be generated by a service or product i.e. trading that is comparable with the market place i.e. not reliant on grants etc.
However, some grant funders are willing to give money to help you start your business and get you on your feet. You will need to check with individual grant funders before applying that you meet their criteria and that they fund CIC’s. It is increasingly difficult to generate income from grants.

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