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Frequently Asked Questions - Procedures

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What is the purpose of an AGM?

The purpose is to allow your members to hear reports from the Committee on the achievements and work of your group over the year, to elect the Committee for the next year, to review the annual accounts and to make any changes to the constitution.

Check your governing document to see what regulations you need to meet with regard to holding an AGM.

What policies do I need?

Yes every organisation should have a number of policies to ensure their smooth running, negotiate risk and with grant applications you may be asked to produce copies.
Your policies should be reviewed every 2-3 years to ensure they are compliant with current legislation. Please contact the Development Team for advice and organisational health check.

Why is a volunteer policy important?

A volunteer policy doesn’t have to be long or complicated, but it is important to have as it sets out your organisation’s in offering volunteers the roles and environment that best suits individuals. It allows volunteers to know how they can expect to be treated, where they can turn to if they feel that things are going and what the organisation expects of them.

It also ensures consistency in that all volunteers are treated equally and fairly. Being able to refer to a written policy ensures that decisions do not have to be made on an ad hoc basis.

Paid staff and trustees likewise fully understand why volunteers are involved, and what role they have within the organisation.

Do we need to DBS check all our volunteers?

If your volunteers are working with or around children or vulnerable adults they may need to have an enhanced DBS check. Other specified roles may also be eligible for a DBS check, inlcuding those working as taxi/bus drivers or specified financial and legal professions. You should look at the DBS eligibility guidance list which runs down most roles that are eligible for a check. However, the guidance isn’t comprehensive, and you should contact the DBS website if you are unsure.

What should be included in an new Trustee Induction?

Trustees are a vital resource to a charity and in order to help them understand the organisation we suggest that they visit the office/premises and meet with the Chair and Lead Officer and receive an induction pack which contains the following documents:

  • An organisational chart
  • A copy of the previous year’s annual report and financial report
  • A copy of the Strategic Plan
  • Charity Commission – the essential trustee: what you need to know
  • Current newsletter
  • Volunteer handbook
  • List of copies of all the current up to date policies

All new trustees should be given the opportunity to meet the staff.

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